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28th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium

How to reach the location of the conference and of the workshops

CSF 2015 will be held at Polo Zanotto of the University of Verona (Viale Università 4, 37129 Verona), which is located in the city center, at just 10 minutes by foot from Piazza Erbe and at 15 minutes from the Arena.

You can reach Polo Zanotto by foot (Verona is quite small) or on ATV buses by taking bus routes number 11, 12, 13, 51, and 510. The bus stop is located in "via Venti Settembre 2/c".

As explained on the website of ATV, you can buy bus tickets in most tobacconist shops, bars, newspaper shops, and, obviously, at the main bus station (located by the train station). A ticket costs €1.30 and is valid for 60 minutes (on every route) since ticket-stamping on the bus. You can also buy a booklet of 10 tickets for €11.70 or a daily ticket for €4.00.
It is also possible to buy tickets on buses. In this case, tickets cost €1.50 and you have to pay using coins (but not all buses have ticket printing machines on board).

The workshops will be held at the Department of Computer Science, which is located about 5 km outside the city centre, in Strada Le Grazie 15.
Notice that the path from the city center to the Department goes through a very industrial area and a big boulevard, so it is not recommended to take it on foot, nor it is recommended to bike to the Department (although biking within the city center might be a nice way to visit the city, for instance, using the city's biking sharing/rental service).

To reach the Location of the workshops, you can take bus: 21, 22, 62, 72. The website of the public transportation is available here.
The following pictures show the walking paths from the bus stops to the venue of the workshops.

policlinico_to_department stop21_to_department stop72_to_department


Note that you can park for free at the Department of Computer Science and in the streets around it. Parking, however, is not for free in the city center, so it is strongly discouraged.


You can catch most of the time a taxi at the train station, the airport or Piazza Brà, during the day you can also find taxis at amongst others: Piazza Erbe, Porta Vescovo, Piazza San Zeno, Ospedale Borgo Trento. If you cannot find a taxi you can also call a taxi company at +39045532666. The company’s website is here.