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28th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene...

CSF will take place on July 14-17 at Polo Zanotto of the University of Verona, which is located in the city center, just 10 minutes by foot from Piazza Erbe and 15 minutes from the Arena.

All affiliated workshops will take place on July 13 at the Dipartimento di Informatica (Department of Computer Science) of the University of Verona.

How to reach the location of the conference and the workshops.

Hie to your chamber...

Verona is a touristic city, especially in the summer, when both the Opera and the Shakespeare theatre festival, and many other entertainment offerings, will be in full swing.

So, be sure to book your accommodation well in advance.

Verona and its province offer a large number of accommodation solutions, ranging from 5-star hotels to bed-and-breakfasts and airbnb-like accommodations. You can find an almost full list of hotels and their contacts on the tourism web site of the Municipality of Verona, on Google Hotel Finder, and many other online well known services (such as airnbnb, booking, tripadvisor, ...).

Then music with her silver sound...

Fancy a night at the opera?
Attendees of CSF (and/or of the affiliated workshops) will have the opportunity to get discount tickets for the operas performed in the Arena di Verona July 11 to 19:
- July 11: Tosca
- July 12: Aida
- July 13: no show
- July 14: Aida
- July 15: Nabucco
- July 16: Tosca (but please note that CSF's banquet will take place at the same time)
- July 17: Don Giovanni
- July 18: Nabucco
- July 19: Aida

The prices are:
  • Unreserved stone steps C and F (Gradinata settori C e F): Euro 10
  • Numbered seats on the steps (Poltroncina di gradinata): Euro 40
  • Central numbered seats on the steps (Poltroncina centrale di gradinata): Euro 50
To see where the different seats are, you can check the Arena map here. To access the special prices, you need to go the central ticket office:
Fondazione Arena di Verona
Direzione Biglietteria
Via Dietro Anfiteatro, 6b
37121 Verona – Italia
fax +39 045 8013287
and show your conference badge. You can buy at most two tickets with your badge.
Opening times:
  • during show days: from 10:00 to 21:00
  • during no show days: from 10:00 to 17:45

If you wish to attend the shows before the conference and workshops, contact us (e.g., via the registration form) and we will provide a pre-badge for you to print.

How to reach the location of the conference and the workshops

Touristic sites

Verona city center offers many locations and monuments to be visited and some interesting churches.
Take a look at the following map with the most relevant ones!

How to move in Verona

You can use the public transportation: the city center is well connected to the train station. More information on the website of ATV Verona. Please take care of buying the tickets for the bus before you take the bus (at the newspaper kiosks or “Tabaccheria”, €1.30), and stamp them inside the bus on the stamping machine. Buying tickets on the bus is not always possible and it is more expensive (you will need €1.50 in coins, typically no change given).


You can catch most of the time a taxi at the train station, the airport or Piazza Brà, during the day you can also find taxis at amongst others: Piazza Erbe, Porta Vescovo, Piazza San Zeno, Ospedale Borgo Trento. If you cannot find a taxi you can also call a taxi company at +39045532666. The company’s website is here.